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Dexus Place redefines the modern workplace by providing a tailored extension to your work environment. With spaces that are elegant, purpose-built, and designed to suit collaborative workspace requirements, from meetings to staff training, business workshops to corporate events. Our adaptable spaces have been designed to allow your business to connect, collaborate and grow.

You can access Dexus Place through a membership or as a casual user when you need to extend your workspace or impress your clients.

As a member, Dexus Place gives you the flexibility to use our facilities nationally as much as or little as you need to, for one inclusive fee. Benefits include flat room rates, on-demand phone bookings and access to our unique immersive studios to enable virtual meetings with clients and colleagues, saving money on travel.

Dexus Place launched in Sydney in 2015, expanding with a second Sydney location and in key CBD locations in Melbourne and Brisbane, always providing a connected experience for the business user.

Dexus Place is owned and managed by Dexus, Australia’s preferred office partner with 1.7 million square metres of office space spanning across 53 offices properties around Australia. Our office buildings are located where our customers need to be, covering the central business districts of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

Going offsite for End of Year meetings can provide a real morale boost for staff.

Spokesperson: Lauren Henry, National Operations & Major Accounts Manager at Dexus Place

As we roll into the final three months of 2018, many businesses across Australia will begin looking ahead to the New Year and what this will hold for their organisation. But before we enter 2019, an End of Year wrap-up meeting is a great way to reflect on the successes and challenges from the year gone by.

When it first opened just over three years ago, Dexus undertook 18 months of research to ensure Dexus Place’s design caters to the needs of their customers. We recently sat down with Lauren Henry, the National Operations Manager & Major Accounts Manager for Dexus Place who gave her top five reasons as to why holding an End of Year offsite will be beneficial for both your employees and business!

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1. It can provide a real morale boost for your staff

Booking an offsite location will show your team that you value their hard work and input over the last twelve months, and it’s always particularly appreciated at such a festive time of year!

2. Getting a change of scenery is always a good idea

Getting away from the office and the ‘day-to-day’ allows staff to relax and gain a new perspective on the important information which will be put across. Challenging your staff’s way of thinking by hosting the meeting in a neutral space and away from their comfortable environment will help them to think differently.

3. You can avoid the usual office disruptions

If you’re away from the office and not distracted by the usual goings-on, the team can focus on the task at hand and be highly productive. Also, this is often helped by having designated times for staff to check their emails and make calls, ensuring they are fully engaged throughout the day.

4. It encourages teamwork and networking

Offsite meetings allow colleagues who don’t often speak or work together to get to know each other, learning from one another and making new professional connections. Collaboration between different teams who don’t always interact can also allow the creativity to flow as they may approach a task or challenge with a new perspective.

5. You can make the most of high-quality technology, catering and customer service

There’s nothing worse than the screen or conference call facilities not working when you need them. Using an external venue allows for peace of mind that the technology will be working correctly, that the catering will be high quality and your experience will be handled by an Account Manager and on-site concierge.

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